Applying decision support and analytics framework for increased insight, efficiency, and error reduction.

With technology advancing at a rapid pace, financial institutions must embrace digital enhancements to their processes or risk falling behind.

This white paper describes ARGO's decision support software and predictive analytics technology as implemented in our decisioning, machine learning, predictive outcomes, and workflow automation.

Learn about our five analytics framework components including:

  • Detection—Analyzes data, looking for patterns that may trigger actions for risk, opportunity, or engagement.
  • Predictive analytics—Determines the degree of certainty, using the capability of about 25 machine learning methods for pattern recognition and probability.
  • KPI Management Insight—Measures what matters to management.
  • Process Management—Directs workflow and task management, outcomes, accountability, staff assignment, time management, and review/adjudication/mitigation.
  • Decisioning—Plays a major role in determining response actions, approval/denials, and support for Real-Time Interaction Management (RTIM) application solutions such as engagement, Voice of the Customer, risk, pricing, and customer journey engagement.

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