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Efficiently Define, Execute, and Monitor Business Processes

Workflow management enables organizations to define, execute, and monitor business processes. Automating business tasks ensures information is routed to the right team or individual at the appropriate time, which reduces cost, provides consistency and meets critical business needs.

This white paper discusses many of the ways an automated workflow can improve operational efficiency, including…

  • Routing work to the user best suited to complete the task;
  • Guiding the user through each step and providing access to data;
  • Supporting business agility through rapid implementation of business rule changes;
  • Providing transparency into task statuses and service-level agreements (SLAs); and
  • Documenting audit trails and proof of process; adhering to organization policies and enforcing regulatory requirements.

We believe this white paper will provide valuable insight for organizations considering implementing an automated workflow, including step-by-step instructions and easily interpreted flow charts.