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SB OASIS Signature Verification

Signature Forgery Detection for Personal and Business Accounts

According to the 2017 American Bankers Association Deposit Account Fraud Survey Report, fraud against bank deposit accounts cost the industry $2.2 billion. Examining check signatures is challenging for many organizations because it is difficult to distinguish between an authentic signature and a forgery. Automating signature verification enables institutions to authenticate signatures with greater accuracy, speed, and reliability as compared to visual inspections. ARGO OASIS™ (Optimized Assessment of Suspicious Items) Signature Verification uses machine learning algorithms and sophisticated decision trees to provide a detailed analysis of check signatures, resulting in efficient evaluation of suspect checks and increasing confidence levels for acceptance and return decisions.

Key benefits Include:

  • Validating checks with accuracy, speed, and reliability
  • Systematically evaluating suspect checks
  • Increasing confidence levels for acceptance and return decisions
  • Authenticating multiple signatories on the same account
  • Analyzing all signatures whether from check images or signature snippets
  • Decreasing false positives and reducing manual reviews and interventions

Download the OASIS Automated Signature Verification solution brief to learn how ARGO’s software can help your institution improve verification and detect signature forgery for personal and business accounts.