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ARGO OASIS™ and ASF TrueChecks™

For financial institutions to balance fraud avoidance with eliminating customer dissatisfaction, they must make the right decision about whether to place holds on deposits, cash checks for customers, or provide customers with full access to their deposited funds.

ARGO Optimized Assessment of Suspicious Items (OASIS) integration with Advanced Financial Solutions TrueChecks (AFS TrueChecks) allows financial institutions to make the right decision.

ARGO OASIS™ integration with AFS TrueChecks protects customers and members by:

  • Increasing hold placement accuracy,
  • Multichannel analyses and integrations,
  • Audits, reporting, and compliance, and
  • Combining OASIS fraud detection methods with TrueChecks consortium information.

Download our solution brief to learn more about how the solution stops fraud at the point of presentation.