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Data Profile Analysis Svc 101422-Resized[9]

Analytics expertise to help dramatically reduce patient index duplicate rates

A duplicate record costs anywhere from $20 to over $100 when considering the time and cost for repeated or incorrect tests, additional registration, incorrect or incomplete claims, and slower collection cycles. As the cost of duplicate records increases, organizations need a new approach to better manage health information and reduce duplicate record rates. ARGO’s Data Profile Analysis Service offers a way to realize the benefits of clean and accurate patient data that leaves the health information management (HIM) staff free to perform daily clinical and operational functions.

Key features include:

  • Comprehensive needs assessment and HIPAA-compliant data extraction
  • Profiling and analysis using ARGO data profiling and probabilistic matching tools
  • Recommendations for resolving duplicate output files

Download the Data Profile Analysis Service solution brief to learn how ARGO’s service can help your organization dramatically reduce patient index duplicate rates.