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Connects Credit Risk Management_SB

Managing and mitigating credit risk in an Omni-channel environment

Borrower credit-worthiness in the digital delivery channels is generally higher risk when compared to in-person lending, with non-viable opportunities accounting for as many as 90%  of digital credit requests.

Increased volume combined with the increased risk can rapidly overwhelm an institution’s staff when using traditional in-person underwriting models, making digital lending not feasible. However, processing digital loan applications through automated decisioning before engaging human capital for intervention minimizes labor and vendor costs, mitigates credit risk, strengthens customer engagement, and ensures regulatory compliance.

ARGO Credit Risk Management:

  • Provides consistent underwriting processes
  • Reduces unwanted credit risk exposures
  • Eliminates bias
  • Ensures approved loans are within established risk appetite parameters
  • Ensures loans are priced according to risk and return parameters

Download the Connects Credit Risk Management solution brief to explore how ARGO can help your organization mitigate omni-channel credit risk.