Analytics pinpoint patient risk and drive care plans

Today’s healthcare environment requires organizations to shift their focus away from single, episodic care to more collaborative and participatory care. With ARGO’s CareChain predictive algorithms, healthcare organizations can identify patient risk, perform assessments to derive patient self-care risk, and determine recommended care plans. Using automated decision-making algorithms, care managers can identify the right patients at the right time to provide the right care.

ARGO’s CareChain software helps organizations accomplish population health initiatives by:

  • Stratifying at-risk population
  • Engaging patients
  • Aggregating patient data
  • Engaging physicians and clinicians
  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Coordinating referrals
  • Providing insightful reporting

Download the CareChain Risk Analytics solution brief to learn how ARGO’s software can help your organization identify risk, optimize workflow, and improve patient outcomes.