Creating a Complete View of Patient Health For Improved Care

Healthcare organizations face difficulties exchanging data between proprietary clinical and nonclinical systems. Integrating these dissimilar data sources presents a challenge as organizations move toward population health management. Hospitals maintain multiple systems operated by numerous users to manage the same patients. To date, ARGO has evaluated more than 160 million patient records and identified over 50 million duplicate records.

ARGO's CareChain Population Health Data Integrated Platform enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Consolidate data from claims systems, EHRs and EMRs, social organizations, lab systems, radiology systems, and consumer data
  • Generate an aggregated, 360-degree patient view
  • Integrate with an analytics engine for risk analytics, probability matching, and natural language processing

CareChain data aggregation enables healthcare personnel to visualize all needed information with powerful analytics and reporting tools, so the clinical team can uniquely follow the patient’s journey through the continuum of care and reduce duplication rates to as low as 0.5%.