Enhancing accountability and support for value-based care

As the industry moves from fee-for-service to value-based care, most healthcare organizations work in a new ecosystem, collaborating with providers, payers, and patients to improve patient experiences and reduce costs. To be successful, organizations must have the right software in place to enhance accountability and ensure high-quality patient care. ARGO’s CareChain software helps organizations gather insights into data to more effectively determine risk, reduce readmission, empower patients, and improve health outcomes.

Using CareChain software, organizations are able to:
  • Predict patient risk based on 462 variables
  • Stratify risk in real time
  • Determine their population’s Patient Self-Care Attitudes and Practices (PSCAP) risk evaluation
  • Achieve the Quadruple Aim
  • Increase network utilization
Download the CareChain Overview solution brief to learn how ARGO’s software can support your organization and improve patient care.