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Securing Your Instant Payments Against Instant Fraud

Providing Cross-Channel, Multi-fund Analytics and Adjudication Workflow to Detect Fraudulent Transactions and Suspicious Items

Instant payments allow consumers and businesses to send and receive funds from a financial institution's accounts in real-time and at any time with immediate funds available for receivers. Immediate and irrevocable payments mean less time to assess the fraud risk of payment as transferred funds can be immediately withdrawn or moved, allowing fraudsters to perform these transfers at times and days when the chance of manual review is lowest.

ARGO’s fraud solution platform, OASIS™ (Optimized Assessment of Suspicious Items), provides a multi-fund, cross-channel analytical and adjudication workflow solution to detect fraudulent transactions and suspicious items.

Customers choose OASIS to combat instant payment fraud specifically for two reasons:

  • Our increased accuracy in fraud detection directly impacts the cost of running fraud prevention departments, including deposits, retail, and IT, thus impacting the bottom line.
  • Our OASIS Solution Suite demonstrated ability to provide a significant lift in fraud detection with rates greater than 90%, outperforming industry legacy software.

Download the Securing Your Instant Payments Against Instant Fraud interview brief to learn how ARGO's fraud solution can help protect your financial institution against fraudulent activities.