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Role of the Banker in an Omni Delivery Environment 101521 RESIZED[55]-1

With a Shift Towards Digital Delivery Channels, the Role of the Banker in an Omni Delivery Environment Has Changed

ARGO’s Connects extends customer acquisition, experience, fulfillment, and service capability to consumers, prospects, and customers across customer journey stages in an Omni-channel delivery ecosystem.

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO, discusses the shift towards a new business model in the era of digital delivery. With this new model, you are able to optimize the deployment of your banker workforce leading to benefits including:

  • Reducing the time spent completing tasks
  • Minimizing staff capacity waste
  • Equipping bankers with all the information they need to be highly effective in meeting customer needs and developing relationships
  • Proactively enlisting bankers to meet needs detected in other channels
  • Mobilizing your banker workforce

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