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Role of Analytics in BHUR

Behavioral Health CareChain Role of Analytics in Behavioral Health Utilization Review

ARGO uses analytics and machine learning combined with related technologies such as decisioning and natural language processing (NLP) to meet behavioral health utilization review challenges. We use NLP to extract the content of textual therapist and nurse notes along with standard industry vocabulary libraries such as UMLS/SNOMMEDCT-US coding. The entire analytic process includes:

  • EMR data extraction
  • Textual data interpretation
  • Medical evidence quantification scoring
  • Decisioning on what to include in the strongest medical necessity insurance presentation

This benefits a behavioral health facility by establishing and preparing the UR nurse with the information needed for UR calls, reducing the chance of premature discharge while allowing the patient to receive the treatment they need.

To learn how this solution can support your organization and improve patient care, download ARGO's Role of Analytics in Behavioral Health Utilization Review interview.