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Industry Proven Results 121321 RESIZED-1

Quantified results contrasting legacy systems with OASIS™

As it becomes increasingly difficult to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, it is important to start prevention at the point of disbursement with automated verification and fraud detection at all points in the clearing process. With improved detection accuracy and optimized labor utilization, OASIS™ Fraud solution produces quantifiable results. 

We conducted production data studies with three U.S.-based banks to quantify the effectiveness of the OASIS Fraud solution, illustrating ARGO’s significant advancement in fraud loss prevention. The study at a top five national bank produced the following results: 

  • The industry-average detection rate of 80 percent was improved to 95 percent with OASIS
  • The industry-average suspect-to-fraud ratio of 250:1 was improved to 60:1 with OASIS

Download the Industry Proven Results interview brief to read additional findings demonstrating our fraud prevention success.