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OASIS Historical Progress 121321 RESIZED[42]-1

Articulating ARGO’s investment and credibility in fraud prevention

ARGO’s 40 years of experience resulted in relevant core competencies including application solutions, subject matter experts, software development, predictive and decision analytics, and deployment. When we studied recognized industry solutions, we knew we could dramatically improve prediction probability.

ARGO’s OASISFraud detection solution provides:

  • Comprehensive predictive analytics methods delivering elevated detection accuracy
  • System integration capabilities that are able to consider more data in predictive decisioning
  • Efficient alert, case, and disposition adjudication from a single application
  • Early Detection Monitoring Service (EDMS) that ensures high online, real-time operational reliability

Download the OASIS Historical Progress interview brief to explore how ARGO can aid financial institutions in protecting their customers from fraudulent activity.