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Teller Strategy in Todays World 032322 - RESIZED[49]

Deliver embedded, high-performance monetary processing and real-time fraud detection to maximize savings and efficiency

Across the board, major retail banks struggle with five primary challenges regarding their teller strategy. These challenges include process efficiency, fraud, compliance, customer insight, and operational reliability.

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO, discusses how ARGO can help banks redefine the role of the branch through formulating an improved teller strategy.

ARGO Teller Payments Fraud provides customers with quantifiable benefits, including:

  • 99 percent average transaction perfection rate at the teller line, increasing efficiency by reducing the need for second-party review
  • Real-time alerts for each item allowing the teller to perfect any MICR/amount issues before processing
  • Virtual tickets replacing 44 percent of items the bank would typically have on hand or purchase, resulting in a 65-70 percent reduction in paper cost 
  • 75-85 percent reduced number of write-off items, with a 90-97 percent reduction in loss

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