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BHCC Improving Utilization Review Workflow Efficiency-04-20-23-resized[46]

Improving Patient Care by Optimizing the Utilization Review Process

Insurance reimbursement for Behavioral Health is a time-sensitive, complex workflow problem that requires a large amount of data from multiple sources. By maximizing insurance reimbursement, a Behavioral Health patient is more likely to receive needed care, reducing the possibility of a patient being discharged when they would benefit from a longer stay.

ARGO’s Behavioral Health CareChain employs automation to improve workflow efficiency by quantifying documentation strength for insurance authorization, expediting team collaboration, and organizing the fact base for execution excellence.

BH CareChain customers can expect the following results:

  • Improved staff efficiency
  • Reduced Utilization Review labor intensity and cost
  • Increased concurrent and peer-to-peer readiness
  • Expanded potential for increased occupancy
  • Improved management KPIs leading to better practices

Download the Improving Utilization Review Workflow Efficiency interview brief to explore how ARGO can help your facility automate insurance reimbursement and expand access to care.