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BHCC Improving Utilization Review Economics-04-20-23-Resized[59]

Improving the Behavioral Health Revenue Model through Automation

Healthcare facilities depend on government and insurance reimbursement to fund Behavioral Health inpatient care. Behavioral Health Utilization Review relies on subjective human statements and behaviors rather than more objective data such as vital signs and lab values. This increased complexity challenges traditional revenue models.

ARGO designed and developed software technology to reduce denial rates from Utilization Review by automating critical processes.

Our Behavioral Health customers benefit from the following results:

  • Reduce Utilization Review labor intensity and cost
  • Reduce uncompensated stay financial loss
  • Expand potential for increased occupancy
  • Improve management KPIs leading to better practices
  • Optimize facility and service revenue
Download the Improving Utilization Review Economics interview brief to explore how ARGO can help your facility provide the care patients need and deserve.