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Driving Innovation with a Strong Commitment to Research and Development

Research and development drive innovation in the financial and healthcare industries. At ARGO, our customers want hard business impacts–ROI, cost reduction, operating consistency, lift in revenue generation, expanded customer acquisition capability, and end‐customer experience. And that’s what we work hard to provide.

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO, discusses our R&D initiatives and how we grew to be a disrupter in the banking and healthcare industries. Because of this R&D, ARGO customers achieved:

  • Fraud detection proven to be the most accurate fraud predictive model in the financial services industry for check, ATM, front counter, and ACH fraudulent activity;
  • Patient matching with a customer‐documented track record of 99.5 percent accuracy for patient matching in an industry where duplicate patient rates are often in the 8 to 22 percent range;
  • Omni‐channel delivery capability, including digital and human‐integrated channels for internet, smartphone, contact center, and branch delivery supporting applications such as digital marketing, sales and customer service, loan and deposit fulfillment, financial wellness advisories, and machine‐learning analytics for predictive customer attrition; and
  • Operational reliability with 99.992 percent server uptime availability, providing substantial solution reliability to their business units.

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