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Defining Digital as a Strategic Competitive Differentiator

Defining "Digital" and the Competitive Advantage it Provides

Customers have many choices at their fingertips in the digital environment. Studies show that consumers become easily frustrated with cumbersome and disconnected channels, unreliable and error-prone systems, post-purchase hurdles, and a lack of access to human assistance when needed. As digital appetite increases, so does risk in areas such as fraud, customer authentication, credit decisioning and origination, and self-service fulfillment. 

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO at ARGO, defines 'digital' by explaining how a consumer-centric holistic strategy is needed to be successful. Strategic definitions place digital as a competitive differentiator engaging consumers early in the customer journey, providing a market advantage by detecting needs, advising on financial planning, servicing customers in their channel and time of choice, and ensuring satisfaction to drive future relationship growth.

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