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Seamlessly and transparently serve customers across all platforms

Today, customers expect their financial institutions to provide excellent customer service across all platforms including online, in person, and over the phone. They demand a seamless experience whenever and wherever they choose to engage with their institution, and they want your organization to know them and provide a more personalized experience. With ARGO’s Omni Fulfillment, customer data flows between multiple financial institution systems and channels, while each continues to operate independently. This open movement enables your financial institution to access data, interact with any channel, and meet banking and customer needs efficiently.

Key features include:

  • Providing seamless continuity for customers and bankers
  • Simplifying the customer’s ability to shop, buy, and use financial services
  • Enabling cohesive synergetic bank-to-customer communications
  • Reducing or eliminating management of disparate systems with centralized rules engines, workflows, business rules, data, and compliance management.

Download the Connects solution brief to learn how ARGO’s software can help your institution provide seamless and transparent service to customers across all platforms.