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BHCC Implementation and Support

Behavioral Health CareChain Implementation and Support

ARGO's 40 years of developing workflow, scoring, decisioning and management KPI solutions produces solid software mission-critical business solutions. This experience combined with years of implementation experience, produced a time-proven implementation governance model that works. To complete implementation, the BH CareChain software conducts data analysis, system tuning, and training reviews to ensure optimal results. 

Using this BH CareChain solution implementation, it optimizes resource usage and time to reach full deployment, ensuring:

  • Proper installation and production readiness
  • Completed and verified integration with the institution's EMR
  • Staff training for effective solution use in the UR function
  • A secure and compliant environment
  • Operational reliability
  • Maximized utilization value of the solution for day-to-day utilization review workflow.

Download ARGO's BH CareChain Implementation and Support interview to learn how this solution can support your organization and improve patient care.