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BC paperless e sig

Implement a paperless processing and electronic signature system and obtain a greater than 95% adoption rate from users

Today, many financial institutions are looking to increase efficiency, reduce paper costs, and enhance the customers’ experience. However, this can be a challenging initiative when many processes in the institution are manual and require paper-based transactions. For example, around 80 percent of a $100 billion institution’s paper was generated in its call centers and branches. It needed a paperless processing and electronic signature system to eliminate as much paper and paper-related processes as possible. As a long-time customer, the organization turned to ARGO to support its paper elimination agenda.

ARGO’s key objectives were to:

  • Reduce paper costs and back-office processes for exception handling;
  • Complete rapid deployment in the branches; and
  • Strengthen branch, contact center, and user adoption.

Download our Business Case to learn how ARGO implemented an integrated electronic experience—from start to finish—for the customer and from the front office to the back office for this institution.