2021 Operational Reliability Results | EDMS

ARGO's latest Operational Reliability Results Report features a look into the impact of Early Detection Monitoring Services (EDMS) on our customers in 2021, including four compelling client case studies. EDMS focuses on mission-critical operations, detecting and addressing issues before they affect application performance, impact end users, or interrupt ARGO solution functionality.

The report also highlights key statistics, such as...

  •  EDMS average 2021 performance statistics, including a 0.21 second response time for the more than 14.1 billion requests that came through.
  • The power of the EDMS automated health checklist that monitors over 250 risk-point KPIs for operational readiness.
  • The contrast in outage impact between an EDMS client and a non-EDMS client. 
  • How the four key elements of EDMS - predict, react, recover, report - saved ARGO clients money and time, and provided enhanced security in 2021.

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