Operational Reliability Results | EDMS

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, organizations need reliable monitoring services to ensure essential operations remain stable. ARGO's operational reliability service, EDMS, brings together ARGO’s specially trained technical support experts and embedded monitoring software infrastructure to track ARGO application operations in customer environments. This provides customers with improved predictability, reactive support and better recovery in the event of an issue.

ARGO's latest Operational Reliability Results Report highlights four case study scenarios and outlines how EDMS has tracked over 250 operational metrics and performed continuous hourly monitoring throughout the business day to verify the health, status and productivity of production applications and watch for indicators that can uncover potential risks this past year.

The report also highlights key statistics, such as...

  •  ARGO customers experienced 99.997% uptime availability in their middle-tier servers;
  • EDMS monitored more than 24.2 billion transactional requests in one year; and
  • ARGO provided an average response time of .22 seconds for these requests.

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