Using Management Insight to Drive Market Performance

By extending customer acquisition, experience, fulfillment, and service capability to consumers, prospects, and customers, Connects is able to quantify performance across functional areas including, measuring against institutional benchmarks and presenting data through management insight visualizations.

In this interview David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO, explains how the process of filtering functionality across products, geography, and customer segments provides actionable insight to support a management strategy of continuous improvement. ARGO successfully developed:

  • Management insight KPIs provide quantifiable performance indicators to drive strategic and tactical modifications to existing activities to optimize market performance;
  • A digitized business model that continuously improves areas including workflow, customer experience, and consumer self-serve functionality;
  • A digital sensory functionality of Connects that translates website activity into visible and quantifiable consumer behavior and active engagement;
  • Quantified customer experience data into factors that can be directly impacted by Connects.

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