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Automating Consumer Lending across Omni Delivery Channels DEI 062022-Resized[83]

Build Consumer Lending Programs through an Omni-channel Delivery Ecosystem

Connects optimizes the financial institution’s ability to prospect, originate, underwrite, process, and close secured and unsecured credit cards, lines of credit, and installment loans with increased productivity and efficiency.

In the interview, David Engebos, President and COO at ARGO, explains how Connects increases the ability of the institution to meet customer needs by providing a seamless lending experience for borrowers through an Omni‐channel delivery ecosystem. ARGO’s Omni-channel platform helps financial institutions:

  • Originate consumer loans and lines of credit, credit card, home equity, and home equity lines of credit from any financial institution;
  • Collect data via digital and staff-assisted channels through a step-by-step process based on attributes such as loan type, product, jurisdiction, borrower, and loan structure
  • Seamlessly start, save, and resume cross-channel functionality throughout every customer journey stage of the lending process;
  • Increase staff efficiency by processing applications through intelligent decisioning and analysis before assigning them for human intervention;
  • Establish a consistent process aligned with regulatory requirements, eliminating inconsistencies of manual identification that reduces potential audit and regulatory compliance issues.

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