Describing a Model and the Technology to Meet Customer Needs in an Omni-Channel Delivery Ecosystem

Customers expect to seamlessly transition between digital and human delivery channels. This shift in customer preference requires successful financial institutions to adopt a customer-centric, technology-driven business model to increase acquisition and improve relationship expansion. 

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO of ARGO, discusses how technology and analytics empower financial institutions to keep a finger on the pulse of their customer base throughout the customer journey by: 

  • Leveraging institutional knowledge from website navigation, self-disclosure, and application processing through digital and human channels to strengthen customer acquisition and relationship expansion. 
  • Quantifying intent and purchase propensity through analysis of digital behavior and need signals, generating leads for the institution. 
  • Providing bankers with a cross-channel, 360-degree view of consumer needs, resulting in relevant and timely content deployment through decision engine-driven engagement campaigns. 
  • Continually improving strategies and outcomes through management insight utilizing visualization dashboards with drill-down KPIs for continual process improvement, productivity optimization, pipeline forecasting, and revenue expansion. 

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