Creating a Solid Foundation for Omni-channel Customer Delivery

With financial services product offerings pretty much commoditized today, it’s difficult to have sustained competitiveness based solely on your banking product. Especially in a digital world, having the best customer experience is the number one way to sustain competitiveness. ARGO’s efforts to directly amplify those customer satisfiers and to eliminate known customer dissatisfiers are provided exclusively with ARGO’s operating infrastructure.

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO at ARGO, addresses the importance of having an innovative technology infrastructure to provide a comprehensive, customer-centric experience to consumers.

ARGO's Connects technology infrastructure includes:

  • Technology support for transactional elements;
  • Data management;
  • Multiple channels and devices;
  • Omni channel workflow;
  • Analytics; and
  • Full digital capability.

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