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Strengthening Customer Relationships by Meeting Needs through a Digital PFP_SIFP_071723_RESIZED[28]

Driving Ongoing Customer Engagement and Relationship Expansion

Nearly all consumers need a financial roadmap showing them how to meet their personal goals. Over 80 percent of Americans experience financial stress, so, unsurprisingly, over 75 percent want assistance with their financial management. With high consumer demand for such assistance, financial institutions have a unique opportunity to meet these needs.

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO at ARGO, introduces ARGO Accumulator, the goal-centric personal financial planning tool and explains how a digital financial planner can provide tremendous benefits for customers and long‐term revenue lift potential for banks.

 Key points include:

  • Value to consumers and financial institutions;
  • Benefits to branch and contact center staff;
  • Ways to create more personalized customer engagement; and
  • How a bank might offer Accumulator.

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