Stay on top of new industry regulations and updates in the financial industry

Keeping up with regulations in the financial services industry is very important to ensure your institution maintains compliance and continues to grow. ARGO understands that an essential element of being a strong compliance partner is communication.

Our compliance team continually monitors the many regulatory agencies for new regulations as well as changes and updates that not only affect our solutions, but also impact our clients. In this bulletin, we break down new CFPB policies to facilitate compliance and promote innovation as well as recent updates in lending regulations.

Key regulations and updates include these and more:

  • No-Action letter (NAL) Policy;
  • Trial Disclosure Program;
  • Compliance Assitance Sandbox (CAS) Policy;
  • Impending Deregulation of LIBOR Indices; and
  • Amendments to Part 370 of FDIC Regulations.

Download our compliance bulletin to keep up with the latest regulatory changes and updates in the financial services industry.

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