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Acquiring Customers and Fulfilling their Needs in an Omni-delivery Ecosystem-Resized

Reaching the Next Level of Customer Engagement

In this interview, David Engebos, President and COO at ARGO, provides an overview of the ARGO Connects offering, highlighting key problem areas financial institutions face related to customer engagement and sharing how technology and predictive analytics can solve them.

Today's digital environment brings new opportunities, but at the same time, it changes the customer engagement game dramatically. As consumer empowerment increases, the financial institution’s knowledge of customer intentions and behavior decreases, reducing the bank’s visibility of consumer needs and intentions. 

ARGO provides the customer-centric functionality needed to support customer engagement across every stage of the customer's journey. 

Key results include:

  • Customer journey realignment
  • Improved customer insight
  • Increased relevance based on segmentation
  • Abandonment retargeting
  • Enhanced risk mitigation

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